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  • The first page gives you a place to record all of the important details of your cycle. You'll have a place to record the date for:
  •  Bloodwork appointment
  • Egg retrieval report
  • Fertilization report for both days 3 & 5
  • Freeze/ Blastocyst report ( how many blastocysts made it to freeze) In the notes you can add the grading.
  • PGS/PGD testing ( if applicable- won't receive this for a couple of weeks later) 
  • Beta testing results. There's a spot for "doubling time." The nurse doesn't tell you this, but you can calculate it yourself on this website. Do your research, doubling time isn't the end all be all, but typically your HCG doubles every 48 hours ( give or take) in early pregnancy.
  • Ultrasounds
The following pages have a section for each day that gives you space to record notes at appointments, or most importantly during a call with the nurse. If you are first time IVF'er- it can be so overwhelming! After each monitoring appointment during stimming, you will get a call later in the afternoon ( usually it's right before they close, or sometimes later) from the nurse. She will let you know if you need to keep your medication dosage the same, or change it. So there's a place to keep record of that for every day that you are stimming. In addition, there's a place to record your estrogen level ( make sure to ask the nurse that). There's also a notes section to maybe note your follicle count, or additional info.  
Hang in there ladies! Let me know if you have any questions about the IVF Planner. 
-xo Sarah

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