Decision Time: 1 Embryo or 2?

How many embryos to transfer?

When I did my FET cycles, it was always such a dilemma deciding to transfer 1 or 2 embryos. The first time, I was involved in a trial with my doctor and was only allowed to transfer 1. It stuck, but ended in a blighted ovum. 

So for round 2,  in March 2016, I was faced with the decision of how many embryos to transfer. I get asked a lot on Instagram how I decided, so here you go!

For me, here's how I factored my decision. 

I asked myself this question, 

Which would be harder to live with?

- A failed cycle.
- Transferring 2 and both not surviving.
-Possibly becoming pregnant with twins or more.

For me, it was that simple.

 I knew that if I didn't put in 2, and had a failed cycle that I would be devastated. I was comfortable with that decision and knew in my heart that it was the right one. Only 1 stuck, and I always wonder what my other embryo ( a girl) would have been. I would have rather had to do a whole other cycle than to have only transferred 1 embryo and have a failed cycle. I knew in my heart that I would have regretted just transferring one if it had failed.

I know that there are many women who may only have 2 embryos left.  And once those are gone, and if it fails, they are done trying either due to financial, medical or emotional reasons.  In those cases, probably just transferring one at a time is the best option. 

I've also known girls on Instagram who've told me that they are terrified of twins. Even though we see women give birth to twins all of the time now- it's still very risky. It takes a huge toll on our bodies, the enhanced risk of prematurity, added cost to raise and not to mention- you need a ton of family support in the beginning to adjust to having two.

This is just my opinion of how I made the decision to transfer two embryos on my second FET. Everyone has their own opinion on the topic- but this is how I chose to decide.