My Sweet Baby Boy

On December 22, around 7 am, I experienced a love that I never knew was possible. My sweet baby boy, whom I've dreamt of for longer than I can remember finally arrived!  I'll never forget when I first laid eyes on him as the doctor held him up- love at first site.

The first couple of weeks were completely and utterly exhausting. I mean seriously. But as I looked out the window during those late sleepless nights, all I could think about were the women who were still dreaming and begging to have this moment. I would hold back tears each night, remembering how much I had prayed, hoped and dreamt for these moments.

Ladies in this infertility community- please, never ever give up. The road to become mothers may look different than we imagined, but someday, somehow- it will happen.

I've never felt as happy or complete in my life since becoming a mom. I share this with you only to remind you not to give up on your own hopes and dreams of motherhood.