Infertility Support Webinars & Meditations

I get these emails every few weeks, and want to share with my fellow infertility community. I've compiled a list of some of my personal favorites, but also new ones that I've come across. I found that meditations and virtual sessions were very beneficial to me in the IVF process.

Fertility Centers of Illinois: ( this is where I went for my treatment)
Some are in person events in Chicago, but many are webinars

Sher Fertility: Topics include what to expect with different infertility options, preparing for an IVF cycle, symptoms of PCOS

Webinars with upcoming Live dates:

Understanding the Relationship Between Fitness & Fertility
 ( this is from Pulling Down the Moon in Chicago)- I went here religiously for acupuncture, massages and yoga for infertility.
Tuesday, July 26, 6-7 p.m. CST
Join Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron and Pulling Down the Moon Co-Founder Beth Heller for a discussion of the ways exercise can impact a woman's ability to conceive.  We will look at the research on different types of exercise, discuss factors that should be considered as you put together your fitness plan, and share strategies on how to optimize your exercise program based on your specific fertility diagnosis.  Bring your questions!

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Overcoming Infertility: The Next Steps to Parenthood September 8th & November 10th:

Meditations: I listened to meditations at acupuncture sessions, out on walks, or sometimes before bed. They always helps calm my mind to remain positive and helped reduce stress.

CNY Fertility Meditations: ( there are a ton in this site)

Rosanne Austin, on the right hand column of this link are infertility podcasts for dealing with negativity and surviving the holidays:

You Tube Meditations: ( I listened to these a ton when I was in acupuncture sessions) - My favorite! Circle Bloom listened to this a lot too!

Paid Meditations: - These are Zita West and I used them for my pre & post transfers - Circle Bloom- you can buy a whole series for you cycle depending on if it's natural, IUI or IVF. I think that it can be purchased with your HSA card too.


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