Transfer Day

Transfer day has come and gone. It went so very smoothly.  My appointment time to be at the office was at 10:45. So we stayed the night in Chicago as the office where we have the transfer is about a hour and a half north

My hormones were high I'm sure, as I had a breakdown because the Protein Bar ( my favorite sport for chicken chili) didn't have the chili ready at 9 am when my husband went into get it! It's what I ate the night of my first transfer (which worked, but ended in a blighted ovum)- so I wanted to stick to the same routine. I had to settle for soup from the Jewel Osco- major disappointment.

Other than the minor chicken quinoa chili mishap-everything went smoothly! We were much less nervous this time.

I learned not to really start drinking water until they started to call names. You must have a full bladder to do the transfer- but I've learned that by the time they call you back, you sign papers..wait..etc..there is PLENTY of time to get that bladder full. Last time, my bladder was so full that I couldn't even enjoy the experience because I just wanted it to be over so that I could empty it!

I propped my feet up on my way home, and was settled into my couch and DVR by about 2:30.

Hoping that these embryos stick!

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