Throwback to my last shot before Egg Retrieval

My last Shot Before Egg Retrieval

10/23/2015- a date I will never forget. It was the day of my egg retrieval, and a date that I had been planning towards for months. This is also the day that my 5 frozen embryos ( 3 of which are normal), were conceived. I have 3 frozen embryos left to use, and hope to share with my future children this picture and the story of their egg retrieval.

Science is kinda crazy isn't it? Trust me, if you've never gone through fertility treatments, don't think that I came to this acceptance of conceiving my child like this overnight. It's very scary when you first make the step to go to a fertility doctor. You are in someways admitting that the natural approach doesn't work for you, and it is scary thinking of conceiving a child in a such a high tech way.

I'll tell you what I am grateful for though- science. I don't know when I will hold my children in my arms, but when I do- it will most likely be because of science. I have faith and am a believer. God created science, and the brains of scientists to create these procedures. These procedures are miracles in themselves.

I so wish that I didn't have to go through these treatments to conceive, but since I do- boy am I grateful for them. I am also grateful to be born into a country that has the technology, as well as the financial means and insurance to pay for it.

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