Guide to Eating Out After Embryo Transfer

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Guide to Eating out After Embryo Transfer

When I was going through IVF, I was so careful of every bite that I took. I didn't want to have any regrets.

After the embryo transfer I only ate warm foods, that were typically easy to digest. My acupuncturist recommended avoiding cold, uncooked foods such as salads, because they were harder to digest.
Here's an article from Natural Fertility Info describing this.

I also chose to avoid dairy. Although our body naturally knows what to do when going through an embryo transfer- we want to make sure that our body has plenty of energy to focus on only that.

Especially when we've undergone fertility treatments, we want to make sure that our body is putting all of it's energy into sustaining a pregnancy!

When eating out, it is best, when at all possible,choose places with local or organic foods. We aren't perfect, and don't live in a perfect world. However, aim to look for places that serve lean, clean protein, nutrient-rich vegetables, high-fiber carbohydrates and good, healthy fats.

I had prepped a lot of foods in advanced, but what's a girl to do when you need to eat out!?

A few key ingredients:

-Cooked veggies
-Protein, protein, protein! (lean is best- chicken, turkey or wild fish)
-Less grains, more proteins and veggies!
-Room temperature or warm ( I did no ice during the TWW)
-Tea, tea, tea!( Keep that uterus warm. Herbal teas, no peppermint tea or any teas that could cause contractions. I recommend finding your safe pregnancy tea go-to that you know is safe and sticking with that)
 I realized that you can get hot water with lemon at most restaurants. Even gas stations have hot water now. Keep your favorite tea in your purse. I love the teas from Pulling Down the Moon, and you can order them online- My favorite Pulling Down the Moon teas.
- Amazing Greens- instead of my usual cold  smoothie I drank Amazing Greens or my own avocado Kourtney Kardashian Smoothie. 

Here's what I ate after the transfer if we happened to eat out:

  • Fajitas are a pretty safe choice. I avoided most wheat, so I ate mine without tortillas. I loaded them with guacamole and re-fried beans. 
  • Guacamole or re-fried beans with chips are always a good option too if you really need that snack. ( again, your choice about eating the chips. I certainly ate some as it was mostly over processed wheat/grains that I tried to avoid)
  • Soups- almost always a perfect choice during all stages of IVF, especially after embryo transfer.
 Here's a picture of my yummy fajitas at Memo's near our house:

All American:
  • Chicken and cooked veggies: Almost any sit-down restaurant has some form of this. We went to Chili's one night and I had grilled chicken with cooked veggies. You could even make this work at a Chinese restaurant (but definitely be leery of MSG and other added ingredients- keep it basic).
  • Wild Salmon & veggies: Other seafood is fine too, just make sure it's not one that's considered high in mercury.
  • Chicken sandwich no bun or a chicken wrap. 
  • Soups- almost always a perfect choice during all stages of IVF, especially after embryo transfer.
Eating at the Grocery:   
  • Lean meat & cooked veggies
  • Soups-  again almost always a perfect choice. Stick to the non-creamy ones. Minestrone, chicken noodle/rice, tomato & chicken tortilla are all good options. The more protein the better.
Fast Food: 
  • Chicken sandwich no bun or a wrap. 
  • Burger only with no bun
  • A few fries won't kill you- but keep it limited!
  • Baked potato 
  • Chipotle- load up on the chicken, beans, tomatoes and guacamole!

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