Finding Peace After Failed IVF Cylce

Today marks 3 weeks since we found out that our first IVF pregnancy was a blighted ovum. Up until last Friday, I was in a constant state of sadness ( for the most part). I was irritable, would cry at the drop of a hat and almost anything would trigger that sadness. I was in a fog and had zero energy.

I found out last Thursday that my next IVF transfer wouldn't be until Mid-April. OMG- I have to wait 3 MORE MONTHS? From the start of my first transfer to this next will be almost 5 months. I had no idea the wait would be this long, as my doctor acted like as soon as my next cycle starts I could go for a transfer cycle. But, because of spring break vacations, etc, my doctors office is skipping the month of March. I was angry and upset, feeling cheated. I felt completely devastated.

I went on a run in a desperate attempt to clear my brain. I decided that I was tired of feeling this way, and certainly can't do it for another 3 months.

I went home to visit my family this past weekend, and feel refreshed and ready to go.

Goals for keeping busy during the wait:

- Joining new gym & running/walking
-Yoga 5 days per week, Fully Fertile DVD & Yoga with Adriene
-Guided meditations
-Re-focus on clean eating and cooking
-Focus on blogging
-Practice gratitude
-start a new creative venture- it might be working with jewelry again ( I'll update you!)

I started this new journey by making an appointment on Monday at Pulling Down the Moon for a cleansing massage. I feel better already and more confident knowing that I am hopefully getting all of those medications out of my body. I purchased a massage and acupuncture package to get my body back on track.

I also picked up the Fully Fertile yoga DVD and plan to stick to it 5x a week. I am so lucky to have Pulling down the Moon as a resource in Chicagoland.  Even if you don't live in Chicagoland, I recommend checking out their vitamins, teas and books that you can buy online. I used their "Hope Tea" during and after my embryo transfer. Currently I'm drinking "Cleanse."

Their teas are targeted towards different parts of your cycle, and some are designed for a fertility cycle- so you can be certain that they won't harm the process.

If you are currently in the wait, feel free to reach out for me so that we can support each other.

What did you do to move forward from a failed cycle or miscarriage?