Kourtney Kardashian Green Smoothie- IVF Style

Kourtney Kardashian Green Smoothie- IVF Style

If you've watched "Keeping up with the Kardashians," lately, you've seen Kourtney's trademark green smoothie. She eats it for breakfast every morning. She has mentioned that it contains milk and avocado, and that it's room temperature. I've found several versions online that contain ingredients like yogurt, bananas and milk- all of which I am avoiding during the two week wait.

When I saw the episode, I immediately started to work on a  plan to make my own version for after my IVF transfer.

Why Room Temperature?

In Chinese medicine, it is recommended to keep the uterus warm. Warm foods in Chinese medicine means trying to maintain a diet of 80% warm foods, especially during the fall and winter months.  It means limiting raw foods such as fruits, salads and ice water. The purpose of this is to avoid wasting energy on digesting those foods, and to keep your uterus from contracting. Keeping our body warm allows energy to flow throughout, and to our uterus where we need it most during the Two Week Wait.

I typically drink a smoothie every morning with frozen berries and was struggling to find a way to still get my nutrients, but keep my uterus warm. Many sites that I've read recommend a diet of at least My acupuncturist said that it was okay for me to keep doing smoothies, as long as I drink tea or something warm during or after it. 

I've been through so much with this infertility journey that I just  didn't want to risk it, and the Kourtney Khardashian smoothie inspired me to create the perfect IVF transfer concoction. It is the perfect blend of protein to get the blood flowing, nutrients to create a plush uterine lining- perfect for an embryo to implant.

Why Avocado?
According to this study by Harvard avocado triples the chance of success in IVF:

Here's my "IVF Green Avocado Smoothie- Kourtney Kardashian Copycat."

Kim Kardashian Green Smoothie- IVF Style
-Protein Shake, milk, or soy milk- about a cup  ( I used about half of Orgain Protein Shakes from Whole Foods.)
- 1 avocado ( room temperature)
-POM juice ( room temperature, or not too chilled. I poured some in a class and left it on the counter for about 20 minutes before using)
-Pineapple core ( optional, but a great supplement for the two week wait)
- Amazing Grass, 1 scoop ( again, optional, I just prefer the added nutrients. I buy mine at Whole Foods for about $25)
- A handful of your favorite greens ( spinach, kale)

Depending on thickness you can eat it with a spoon ( like Kourtney), or sip it with a straw.