What to Expect Frozen Embryo Transfer ( FET)

What to Expect FET Cycle

I am scheduled for my frozen embryo transfer ( FET) on December 8th. I go for my first ultrasound to check lining/levels on Tuesday November 24. Eeek..I'm excited, and scared all at the same time.

With IVF, the scariest part for me has always been the unknown. One of them being the unknown of dates and appointments.

My timeline:

Fresh cycle retrieval: October 23 ( a frozen cycle was always scheduled due to my risk of over stimulation because of a high follicle count and AMH levels. 
Progesterone inserts: 2 a day for 9 days after retrieval ( to control timing of cycle)
Lupron: Started 10 units 7 days after retrieval ( basically once they determined that they had frozen embryos, then they gave me the go ahead to start Lupron to suppress my ovaries) 
November 1: Stopped Progesterone
November 4th: Bloodwork Ultrasound- My E2 & progesterone levels were too high to start my frozen cycle. I was asked to come back on Monday. I freaked out and ate a diet rich in foods to help lower estrogen naturally. 
November 6th: Cycle started
November 9th: Baseline/Ultrasound- Yay! My levels are down and I'm cleared to start my frozen cycle.

December 8th: Transfer Scheduled
December 18th: Pregnancy test scheduled 10 days post transfer

Below is my medication schedule in hopes that it might help give others an idea of what to expect in terms of medication and timeline. 

( Keep in mind that every doctor does things a bit differently. Different medications and dosages are to be expected based on your specific protocol. This is simply intended as a general timeline to give you and idea of what to expect on a frozen embryo transfer cycle)

Sample Frozen Embryo Transfer Timeline 

Pregnancy test is scheduled for 10 days post transfer.
FET Progesterone Instructions

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