First Consult at FCI River North with Dr.Kaplan

Today I have my first appointment at Fertility Centers of Illinois with Dr. Kaplan. Dr. Kaplan is the best in Chicago, and I waited only about 6 weeks to get in to see him.

It was a bit surreal walking into the waiting room and seeing so many women anxiously awaiting their appointments too. I waited about a half hour, and was called in to meet with Dr. Kaplan. He was so very friendly, and answered all of my questions. He started by saying, " Do you know who the first infertile women in history was?"  "Sarah- Abrahman's wife."  His caring attitude and wittiness helped to make me feel at ease.

He basically said that I have two options. To do a couple of IUI's, which he didn't suspect would work, or go straight to IVF. He said that have a 1-2% chance per month of conceiving naturally.

When I went in today, it was really just to get the testing started so that when we are ready to do treatments there won't be any hold ups.

I now have another appointment for bloodwork and baselines in two days.

Below is the view right out side of FCI River North. I feel at peace here, and know that I am at the right place.