Fertility Friendly Banana Bread

Thursday, June 8, 2017

So I'm not going through IVF, but when I was, this was my most favorite recipe! I still love it, and made it today as I was craving something sweet. This did the trick!

Here's my original post from last year:


IVF Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Now please don't be frightened by my first video..I have many mistakes in it!

But, the end result is what matters, and that is yummy cauliflower.


Preheat oven to 475.


- 1 head of cauliflower
-Turmeric: 1-2 teaspoons ( anti-inflammatory, read more here )
-Cayenne Pepper: 1-2 teaspoons ( full of anti-oxidants, and helps increase blood flow which will make your uterus a healthy environment!)


- Wash and remove leaves from cauliflower
-Cut in to large chunks, or break apart into smaller pieces.
-Place on baking pan.
-Toss with Olive Oil.
- Sprinkle on your choice of spices!


Cook for about 25 minutes, rotating once in between. If you cut the cauliflower into wedges, it may take closer to 35-40 minutes.


-Dip in BBQ sauce or, after the cauliflower is cooked, brush BBQ sauce on the florets. Let cook another 8-10 minutes.
          Make your own barbecue sauce using a Paleo recipe ( Paleo is very fertility friendly), or try a               brand like Annie's which will be your best option!

- Add any spices that you want (fertility friendly spices)!

Custom IVF Embryo Watercolor

Friday, April 28, 2017

As NAIW week is dying down, it's sentimental to me as last year I was successfully pregnant, but it was too early to share the news. The photo of the sweet little embryo that turned into my lively baby boy is something that I will cherish forever. I also cherish the photo of his sister, who was transferred at the same time who just wasn't ready to come in to this world.

Whether your your transfer was successful, or or left your heart empty- I'd love to make a custom watercolor for you. I've opened up a shop to create custom embryo watercolors. Right now I have 5x7 & 8x10 sizes- but if you'd like something custom, or maybe a series of embryos, just message me.

**Orders can be ready for Mother's Day if you order by May 3rd.**

Use coupon code: Embryo30 for 30% off your order.

My Etsy Shop: Someday Club

My 2nd Embryo Transfer- 1 Year Ago Today

Thursday, March 30, 2017

1 year ago today, on a cloudy March 30th, much like today, my sweet, sweet baby started to grow inside of me. My husband and I live a little south of Chicago, and stayed in the city the night before at my parents condo, so that we'd be closer to the dr's office.

I had another transfer a few months before in December 2015, that ended in a miscarriage. But because the transfer had worked, I wanted to follow the same routine. I had pineapple and smoothies prepped and ready to go for the week. Meals planned- the same meals that I had prepped before. Everything was ready for a lazy few days, letting my embryo(s) burrow.

The ONLY mishap of the day is very funny looking back. When I had my transfer a few months prior, I had Chicken Quiona Chili from the Protein Bar for lunch. So I planned to do the same. However, when my husband went there at 10 AM to get some for me..they didn't have it ready! He said that the pleaded with them to give him some. I was soo dissapointed, BUT, the transfer worked with our my lucky chili- although I made my own when I got home. 

On Sunday, April 3rd, I got a positive at home pregnancy test- only 4 days post transfer. The blood test was still over a week away. On April 22nd, we had our first ultrasound, and I saw my sweet baby's heart beating. The weekend, we told our immediate families the news, as we were home for my dad's 60th birthday.

I woke up today squeezing my baby tight as we snuggled in bed on this rainy day. I stared at him, in complete awe that he is mine, all mine forever. I prayed, dreamed and hoped for him for longer than I can remember.  Sitting on the same couch with him today, watching him laugh and giggle made me cry like a baby- imagining that 1 year ago I sat on the same couch, excited and nervous about the transfer. 

I've wanted to be a mother my entire life, and I'm beyond grateful that he made me a mom. Ladies, never ever give up on your dream of motherhood.

All of my pineapples prepped, brazil nuts and a fruit mix with pumpkin seeds and rare fruits. Also my Fertilica UteriCalm drops that I took every day.
This is me on the 1 1/2 hour drive home. My very warm ugg boots, with my feet inside cozy in SmartWool socks. ( True story...I didn't take the socks off, except to shower until the ultrasound!)
These are the embryos being implanted. We implanted two 5BB normal PGS tested embryos. I always wonder about the sweet girl who wasn't quite ready to come into this world.
First ultrasound-- my sweet baby boy!
All of my ultrasounds and shots for this cycle. 


Free IVF Planner Download 

  • The first page gives you a place to record all of the important details of your cycle. You'll have a place to record the date for:
  •  Bloodwork appointment
  • Egg retrieval report
  • Fertilization report for both days 3 & 5
  • Freeze/ Blastocyst report ( how many blastocysts made it to freeze) In the notes you can add the grading.
  • PGS/PGD testing ( if applicable- won't receive this for a couple of weeks later) 
  • Beta testing results. There's a spot for "doubling time." The nurse doesn't tell you this, but you can calculate it yourself on this website. Do your research, doubling time isn't the end all be all, but typically your HCG doubles every 48 hours ( give or take) in early pregnancy.
  • Ultrasounds
The following pages have a section for each day that gives you space to record notes at appointments, or most importantly during a call with the nurse. If you are first time IVF'er- it can be so overwhelming! After each monitoring appointment during stimming, you will get a call later in the afternoon ( usually it's right before they close, or sometimes later) from the nurse. She will let you know if you need to keep your medication dosage the same, or change it. So there's a place to keep record of that for every day that you are stimming. In addition, there's a place to record your estrogen level ( make sure to ask the nurse that). There's also a notes section to maybe note your follicle count, or additional info.  
Hang in there ladies! Let me know if you have any questions about the IVF Planner. 
-xo Sarah

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